If every adult in America with one or more chronic conditions enrolled in CDSMP, over $65 billion could be saved in national healthcare costs.1

This CDSMP Cost Savings Estimator Tool helps users estimate potential annual healthcare cost savings based on the anticipated number of participants to enroll in the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) in the next 12 months. Tailored estimates are created based on users’ local and state data.

Estimates from this Tool can help program administrators and decision makers document the success of local CDSMP implementation efforts, create strategic budgets for program delivery based on desired returns on investments, and make the business cases for new partnerships and future funding.

For maximum customization, users are asked to provide their own information related to:

  1. Information about CDSMP participation including the number of participants, and emergency room (ER) visits and hospitalizations. These data should be collected at baseline, 6 month, and 12 month follow-ups.
  2. Participant’s age distribution at baseline
  3. Estimated program delivery cost per participant
  4. The number of individuals aged 18 years and older with one or more chronic conditions projected to enroll in CDSMP in the next 12 months

The more of these data points the user has, the more tailored the estimates will be. However, as a default, the tool is populated with data from the National Study of CDSMP1, which will still allow reports to be created in cases were user data are not available.

1Ahn, S., Basu, R., Smith, M. L., Jiang, L., Lorig, K., Whitelaw, N., & Ory, M. G. (2013). The impact of chronic disease self-management programs: Healthcare savings through a community-based intervention. BMC Public Health, 13:1141. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-1141

What we do

Funded and commissioned by Texas A&M University, the University of Memphis School of Public Health has worked with CDSMP partnets to develop a web-based tool to estimate healthcare cost savings for the thousands of organizations offering CDSMP. This web-based tool will enable organizations to craft a strong case demonstrating the value of investing in this proven intervention, thus contributing to ongoing sustainability of CDSMP.

Our Team

SangNam Ahn

University of Memphis

Marcia Ory

Texas A&M

Matthew Lee Smith

University of Georgia

Mary Altpeter

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ramin Homayouni

University of Memphis

Caleb Williams

University of Memphis

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